Friday, 27 October 2017

July 2017

Just one unusual species for July was identified by dissection - a 3rd garden record of Epiblema roborana but the first since 2005.

June 2017

A little earlier than usual Barry Dickerson has sent me the results of dissections of unidentified micros retained over the season.

                                14/6 Pammene aurita - new garden record

                                16/6 Coleophora follicularis - new garden record

                                17/6 Archips rosana - 2nd garden record

                                17/6 Carpatolechia fugitivella - 2nd garden record

                                19/6 Anarsia innoxiella - 2nd garden record

And finally one that got away. This longhorn moth flew into the conservatory on 22/6 and could only be narrowed down to two possible species - Nemophora cupriacella or Cauchas rufimitrella. Unfortunately it proved impossible to obtain a definite ID from dissection either. Here's a photo anyway:

Monday, 9 October 2017

8th October 2017

After a string of nights that were either too windy, too cool or too bright from the full moon at last an overcast, still night. I only put the actinic out but had a good collection of 20 species including this stunning first for the garden - Red Sword-grass.