Sunday, 27 October 2013

August pt 2

Acleris laterana (20/08/13) 2nd garden record

Acrolepia autumnitella (23/08/13) 2nd garden record

Aroga velocella (28/08/13) 3rd garden record

Celypha rosaceana (28/08/13) 2nd garden record

August 2013 pt 1

Anacampsis populella (01/08/13)

Acleris sheperdana (01/08/13) 2nd garden record

Scrobipalpa atriplicella (08/08/13)

Lyonetia clerkella (08/08/13) dark morph

July 2013 pt 3

Dichrorampha flavidorsana (31/07/13) 2nd county record

July 2013 pt 2

Coleophora adspersella (17/07/13) 3rd county record
Dichrorampha vancouverana (18/07/13)

Lesser Common Rustic (18/07/13) 2nd garden record

Pammene albuginana (22/07/13)

Caloptilia rufipennella (22/07/13) 2nd garden record

Gypsonoma aceriana (23/07/13)
Argyresthia bonnetella (23/07/13)

July 2013 pt 1

Grapholita tenebrosana (04/07/13) 3rd county record

Coleophora gryphipennella (05/07/13)

Scopari basistrigalis (13/07/13) 3rd garden record

Epinotia nanana (14/07/13) 3rd county record

Satin Beauty (14/07/13)

Coleophora anatipennella (15/07/13)

Coleophora coracipennella (15/07/13)

June 2013

I've received the results of the dissections of moths collected here over the season from Barry Dickerson, the county recorder. Fourteen new species are added to the garden list taking the total to 791. Lots more are added to the year list which despite a very poor spring now stands at a record 513 species. For once I have reasonable photos of all the newly added moths.

Phalonidia manniana (20/06/13):

Monochroa hornigi (29/06/13) 2nd county record:

Saturday, 19 October 2013

18th October 2013

After a series of cold and dry nights a warm and wet one. The second Vestal of the year after one at the beginning of August together with a very fresh looking Silver Y show that there is still the chance of a few migrants turning up.