Sunday, 11 December 2011

October 2011

Dissection from October.

Acleris ferrugana, 12th October, 1st garden record:

August 2011

Dissections from August.

Coleophora artemisicolella, 2nd August, 3rd garden record:

Parornix betulae, 5th August, 1st garden record:

Bryotropha similis, 10th August, first since 2007:

Coleophora saxicolella, 11th August, 1st since 2007:

Epermenia falciformis, 15th August, first since 2008:

July 2011

Dissections from July.

Cnephasia pasiuana, 5th July, caught regularly here but this is one of the first good photos:

Coleophora spinella, 7th July, last caught in 2006:

Coleophora taeniipennella, 8th July, 1st garden record:

Coleophora glaucicolella, 10th July:

June 2011

Dissections from June 2011

Haplotinea insectella, 13th June. Trapped several times in the past but this is the first reasonable photo:

Aethes beatricella, 22nd June:

Falseuncaria degreyana, 26th June, 1st garden and 4th county record:

Coleophora prunifoliae, 26th June, 2nd garden record:

Coleophora paripennella, 27th June, 1st garden record:

May 2011

Every year I retain a number of the more difficult micros for my county recorder to identify by dissection. The results for this year include 8 new species for the garden and another dozen or so that haven't been recorded here for several years. Photos of all these follow under the moth they were originally trapped. The total number of species trapped in 2011 now stands at 490 and the garden list moves up to 738 species.

I thought this might be a female Incurvaria pectinea but it proved to be my first Lampronia morosa and only the 5th county record:

Lampronia morosa: