Saturday, 1 August 2009

31st July 2009

A much warmer night and a much better catch with 215 moths of 81 species across two traps - for the first time since I've been running the two traps at the same time the actinic out-performed the MV with 6 more species. Six species were new for the year and a tortrix remains unidentified, I've posted a picture on the 'unidentified' blog.
Edit: Identified as Eudemis profundana by the UKMoths folk.

Sitochroa palealis was rather unexpected - this battered individual is the first recorded here for 3 years:

Straw Underwing:

Plain Pug:

Cydia splendana:

Trachycera advenella:

Dichrorampha alpinana:

Eudemis profundana:

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