Saturday, 15 August 2009

14th August 2009

After several rather dull and quiet nights things exploded last night with over 700 moths of 83 species. Over half of these were of just two species - Setaceous Hebrew Character (290) and Water Veneer (100+). The latter had died in their scores at the bottom of the trap.

Several species were new for the year and one was new for the garden which takes the total for 2009 so far up to 405 species.

Chionodes fumatella, looks like being the 4th record for VC31:

I have recorded this moth as my second Saltern Ear, and 3rd for the vice-county I think, but it will need to be confirmed (edit - confirmed by dissection as the first gartden record of Ear Moth):

White-point, 3rd garden record:

Schoenobius gigantella:

Epiphyas postvittana, Light Brown Apple Moth:

Square-spot Rustic, first (and second) of many:

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