Saturday, 4 July 2009

3rd July 2009

Another busy night, running both traps produced 451 moths of 99 species. Star of the night was a stunningRhyacionia pinicolana - a pine species which are seldom found locally. Even rarer but rather plainer was a Gypsonoma minutana with just a handful of records for VC31. These two take the garden list total up to 650 species!

Several species were new for the year and a second V-Pug after yesterday's moth turned up. Some migrant movement with a Dark Sword-grass and 7 Diamond-back Moths.

Rhyacionia pinicolana:
Gypsonoma minutana:

I normally think of Rosy Rustic as a late summer/autumn moth so getting one this early was rather depressing:

Brachmia blandella:

Acleris variegana:

Dingy Footman ab. stramineola:

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