Monday, 13 April 2009

12th April 2009

A straight comparison between MV and actinic traps was possible last night with a trap on either side of the house. The actinic was hands-down winner with 16 moths of 8 species - the MV managed just 6 moths of 5 species. The MV did supply the best moth of the night however with the first Scarce Tissue of the year:

The actinic also managed a year first with an early Red Twin-spot Carpet. From the notch in the inner cross-line I at first thought this was a Dark-barred but this method of separating the two species has been disproved. The very clear sub-terminal fascia on Red TSC is apparently more reliable (thanks to Harri on BirdForum).

Trap list (125w MV)

Double-striped Pug - 1
Scarce Tissue - 1
Red Chestnut - 1
Hebrew Character - 2
Common Quaker - 1

Trap list (15w Actinic)

Agonopterix heracliana - 1
Red Twin-spot Carpet - 1
Early Thorn - 1
Red Chestnut - 1
Clouded Drab - 4
Hebrew Character - 4
Common Quaker - 2
Early Grey - 2

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